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We exist as the experts in making your old, tired furniture look clean and new once again.

Every single day, your home and your furniture are exposed to a great number of environmental pollutants including dust, mites, dead skin cells, oils and other bodily secretions that can affect your health and damage your upholstery.

Odd or delicate fabrics are particularly in danger, and if you don’t have the material cleaned on a regular basis, you may be risking permanent harm.

Upholstery restoration and thorough professional cleaning could extend the lifespan of your furniture pieces in a cost effective way by eradicating things such as pollen, dust mites and everyday dust. We appropriately investigate each piece of furniture to provide the best treatment to renew your upholstery. We consider several factors when forming a program, including fabric stability, age and color fastness, as each of these could present a potential difficulty during the cleaning process.

Furniture is as critical a component of interior design as floor coverings.

Help Keep Your Furniture Looking New:

New upholstered furniture comes with a protective treatment. Unfortunately, this treatment wears off in time and with use. To keep your original color and ensure a long life for your fabric, have a recent coat of protector applied. Further, it supplies you a longer window of time for treating spills before they shift into problematic stains.
A wonderful fresh smell always wins over bad smells. We may help you there to boot with our enzymatic deodorizer, formed to find and destroy any odor-causing organic material that may be hiding in your upholstery. Whether it’s vomit, sour milk, urine, feces or almost any other odoriferous problem, our enzymes will soon dissolve the organic material so your furniture will smell good as new.

Now is the time to utilize our wonderful deals for upholstery cleaning. Our upholstery and carpet cleaning services will help you to maintain the beauty of your rooms. You will also be able to hold onto your furniture for many years longer than normal, thanks to our professionally trained upholstery cleaners.

Our cleaning specialists just use the most effective equipment available to remove pollutants, allergens and dust mites from your upholstery. We always serve our clients with an unmatched upholstery cleaning service.

Our Methods Remove Dust Mites and Allergens

- We perform a comprehensive vacuuming
- Pre-treat any stains or various conditions
- Wash and deodorize using our unique shampoo
- We always extract and groom every piece
- Maintain the furniture’s base and frame.

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