Rug Restoration NYC

Do you carry an area rug that needs to be restored to its former beauty?

If it wants to be cleaned, redyed or rewoven, we may accomplish that! We do not employ inexperienced people off the street. Our employees are genuine craftsmen weavers who hail from the same countries the rugs they work on originate in. The repairs are done utilizing the same methods and materials used in the original. Your rug’s value and quality will be maintained.

We could additionally perform rug repair on rugs that you might imagine are completely destroyed. Water damage, fire, insect and destruction, as well as deterioration from both ultraviolet rays and sunshine are all things we shall repair. If you are not local, there is no need to fret. Simply ship the rug to us and we shall work our magic. Don’t hesitate to dial us about the damage to your cherished rug.

The vital thing is not to wait to get a rug repaired. The earlier we commence restoring the rug, the better. Maybe you thought it simply could not be saved, but you’ll be amazed at what we can do! Do not wait. Send your rug in immediately. The optimum time to repair a rug is today. Do not let the rug hold onto further damage. Much of the time, the restorations are easy, and repair is often priced lower than one might think. As such, you need to stop procrastinating and get your valuable rug to us and get a free quote from one of the rug repair experts we employ.

Throughout the myriad services we provide are:
- Reweaving missing end pieces
- We can restore corners that have been lost.
- If your rug has sustained rot from water, we could help.
- We can repair damage from moths.
- We may fix holes with material that matches.
- Restoring any missing or faded patterns or designs
- -They may tie up your rug to stop and prevent further damage.

If your rug’s fringe demands sprucing, we can help.
Our goal is the repair and restoration of these beautiful pieces of art, so if you entrust us with your fine rug, we will guarantee a careful and precise restoration.
Your rug will experience wear and tear throughout the years even if you care for it diligently, and you will have to perform rug repair.

Every rug is truly unique and the cleaning process must be tailored to that rug’s needs. So we begin each job with a pre-inspection.

The personnel at our business look over each rug carefully to determine exactly what needs to be repaired, including stains, odors, damage, fading, and color fluctuation.
Our experts could decide a course of action to clean, repair and restore your rug so that it shows up in its prime condition.

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