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Once your rug arrives to our superior rug cleaning company, it will be like new again. They will make it look brighter, feel more fluffy, and smell fresher. We can improve the lifespan and the elegance of your rug. Our cleaning service caters specially to your area rug, taking in the kind of fabric it is constructed of and the type of soil that needs to be cleaned.

When you bring us your rug, it is first examined to decide the cleaning method that will be best for it. One of the primary things we look for is any damage created by fire or water, moths, pets, or anything else. We test to see if the colors of your rug have dimmed and clean them accordingly.

First, we perform a prewash.

It is vacuumed, then a machine shakes it to displace dirt and dust. If you do not excise the dust and dirt, your rug could deteriorate.

Then we perform our first stage of rug cleaning.

The rug is dropped in a water bath that destroys dirt and spots. We work to check out the fringe and back of your rug to verify they are getting clean as well.

The Next Phase of the Rug Cleaning Process

Your average cleaning companies usually leave a residue of soap in the rug, and this in turn traps dust and dirt so the rug gets dirty again quickly. With our special cleaning solutions and rinses, you can be sure that your carpet will be rinsed clean, leaving behind no soap film or dirt.

Now there is a washing is a grooming and drying stage.

We shall make sure your rug’s pile is going the proper way, and carefully brush the fringes and the rug itself. Then the area rug shall be dried quickly in a special room which creates optimal drying conditions for your rug. The drying of every single rug shall be addressed differently based on how much humidity and airflow it needs.

Enhancing the Odor of Your Carpet

We add fragrance to the rugs due to the fact that it will sanitize them and make a room smell wonderful. Numerous different nice smells are available, for example baby powder, peach, cherry, and lemon.

Finally, there is a postwash examination.

We make sure to examine your rug as soon as it has fully dried. If we are unhappy with the results then we do a second wash and put it through the complete process again until we get the best results that we can.

In addition, we supply rug restoration and rug repair services for any sort of rug. We employ professional rug restorers who could repair fringes, holes, edges, and tears. We can amend your rug to its beginning form.

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