Drapery Cleaning NYC

Your drapes are precisely as soft to dust, dirt, and buildup as your furniture might be. Not just does consistent drapery cleaning boost the longevity of your curtain’s life, but the whole room looks bright and the environment is healthier.

This is how we can help you finish such a goal…

Step 1: Examine the window treatment, notice any stains, fading from the sun, etc. The foregone results will be supplied to you through our evaluation.

Step 2: The most vital step to textile cleaning is to remove surface soil through a Dry Pre-Vacuum. Window treatments could be vacuumed to remove dirt particles and dust.

Step 3: Implementing sponges, A&B Carpet and Rug Cleaning shall excise dirt. The sponges we use have been covered with dry-cleaning solutions, despite the fact they are not dampened. This type of dry sponge is enormously skilled in eradicating oil based stains resulting from kitchen fumes and the like.

Step 4: A special cleaning agent could be utilized to remove spots that may remain after the initial sponge process through Post Spot Removal.

Step 5: Your drapes can be brightened while being cleaned as we implement a solution which goes after the removal of dirt while improving the appearance of your drapes. We take this solution in a gentle mist so there’s little clumping or saturation.

Step 6: In the Post Inspection stage, our employee may inform you of the cleaning results when it is finished.

Unique care is demanded in the process of Drapery Cleaning. Some drapery materials are prone to shrinkage or numerous sorts of harm of they are not treated trained professionals. Our progressive, high tech machinery guarantees drapery cleaning satisfaction. We will remove your drapes as we pick them up from you. In a few days, they might be returned to you, installed in their previous location, and will be totally clean and bright.

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