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Allergies are quite typical in the United States, with at least one quarter suffering from allergies as both as children and adults. The amount of sufferers grows by 5% annually, and up to half of sufferers are children.

What Causes Allergies?

Allergies are caused by substances in the environment which are dubbed allergens. People can be allergic to many things, from pollen and ragweed to pet hair and certain foods like peanuts and eggs. Especially certain proteins might become allergens, which is disturbing since they are often found in the foods we consume. Indeed, protein is an organic substance created by oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen, which are all elements of living things.

The good news is that the common allergens in your house can often be removed by professional carpet cleaning designed as allergy cleaning to get rid of common irritants such as:

- Tree pollen and grass pollen

- Household dust mites and their waste products

- Mold and mildew

- Pet hair and pet dander

You should certainly get your carpet cleaned with specialist allergy cleaning methods, but don't forget that these allergens can also be located in the carpet underlay and in the moist film which can be present on top of the carpet and underneath it as well. Companies have now started to produce special carpet padding and underlay which is intended to be hypoallergenic, that is, not trigger allergies as often. What kind of things should you think about when contemplating the purchase of hypoallergenic carpet padding for your home?

The big thing to learn is that the word hypoallergenic does not mean your house will be completely allergen free.

Rather, the term hypoallergenic suggests only that there will be a reduction in allergic reactions and symptoms. These hypoallergenic carpet pads often operate well for many people, though they might not work for everyone, since everyone has different allergies. While such variances are what make us unique, it makes allergy treatment and management hard, as it can be a mystery as to which type of allergen is acceptable, or at what levels, before a negative reaction will begin.

No matter what, in today's carpeting market, hypoallergenic carpet padding is often moisture resistant which renders it anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial. These resistances may change from manufacturer to manufacturer with some negligible differences, however those are the main allergens that this type of padding is most commonly prone to. To discover more about allergy cleaning in New York and hypoallergenic carpet pads, please give us a ring and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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